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Sunday, February 4, 2018


Attention all football fans.  Are you ready for the game this year because Surreywood’s Super Bowl Pool is returning with 100 boxes to fill!


Each box is $10.00 which means that if all the boxes are filled the entire pot will be worth $1,000.00!!! (Should less than 90 boxes be filled the pot will be worth the total collected.)


Half of this amount will be donated to the Surreywood Swim and Tennis Club, while the remaining half will be split among 4 winners. As a not-for-profit organization, there is no personal gain involved.  


A winner will be announced after each quarter.

1st Quarter – $ 75.00

2nd Quarter – $ 100.00

3rd Quarter – $ 125.00

4th Quarter – $ 200.00


Please drop off your cash or checks payable to the Surreywood Swim and Tennis Club to the Meagher home at 2200 Bloomsherry Drive.


A chart with all the names and numbers will be circulated by e-mail before the game.  Please provide your e-mail address when dropping off your payment or email to ensure that you’re on the list.


Once ALL 100 boxes have been filled, a non-participant will draw the numbers.  This means that the actual allocation of numbers is entirely random and unbiased.


The deadline to submit your payment is Noon, Saturday, February 3, 2018.


Good luck!

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