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As you may know, the pool has been fundraising all year to help with major repair expenses that drained our reserves. We were lucky enough to get credit terms to make these repairs and hoped that we would raise enough funds to cover these expenses. Unfortunately, we have not raised enough funds and summer is almost over. While we have a brick fundraiser that is helping contribute to our repair bill, we have only sold a dozen or so bricks at this time and desperately need to generate the cash to pay these bills.

As such the Diamond Membership was born! This is a great opportunity to get us cash in the bank account, while offering an incentive towards the generous members who are able to do so. With this membership, we are asking for a member to pay in advance their 2016 (full price) dues multiplied by four, to cover 2017-2020, and your membership in 2021 will be free.  This will not only lock in your member pricing over the next four years but it will significantly help the pool get out of our debt and back into sunny skies.

We hope you will consider becoming a Diamond member. And if not that you can contribute any amount to our capital campaign fundraiser or by purchasing a family or business brick.

To request a diamond membership invoice, please email us or contact Shirley Houck by submitting a request for an invoice online here.


Diamond Memberships are non-transferrable.

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