Join us for the Stingrays 2016 Summer Fund-Raising Challenge Swim!  We hope all of our Surreywood swimmers, young and old, will take part in this challenging event.   This is an excellent way to measure swimmers’ ability to swim distance.  It is also a great opportunity to swim at one’s own pace and simply enjoy the swim J

There will be goals the children can reach for, according to their age, as well as suggested donation amounts to shoot for collecting.  There will be awards for those who complete their goals, as well other prizes. All money raised goes to benefit the pool!

The swim will be held on Wednesday, July 13th, at our pool.  Ages 12 and under will swim from 4-6pm and then eat FREE pizza and soda.  Ages 13 and over will swim from 5-8pm, followed by the FREE food.  To participate, please download and complete the form attached.

NEW THIS YEAR: There will be Parents Challenge goals so adults can participate too!

We hope to see you all at this fun and challenging event!


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