2021 Coaches Corner

Tim Soukup has grown up in Surreywood and has been swimming with the Surreywood Stingrays since he was a mini-mite.  For the past three years as head coach, Tim has led the Surreywood Stingrays to three undefeated season. Tim is excited for the 2021 season and looks forward to getting back in the water as soon as possible!

Mitchel Kirtley will return to the Stingrays coaching staff this season, bringing with him all of his expertise, humor, and enthusiasm for the team.  Mitchel began swimming for the Surreywood Stingrays at age 6, and went on to swim for the YMCA and Meadowbrook High school.  Mitchel has been a dedicated member of the Stingrays, first as a swimmer and then as a coach and he can’t wait to cheer on the Stingrays to another undefeated season this summer.

Gavin Keane  has been swimming with Surreywood since he was six years old and will swim again this season for the Stingrays. He also swam for the YMCA for one year and has been swimming with Quest since Fall 2019. This is Gavin’s second year as junior assistant coach for the Surreywood Stingrays. Gavin can’t wait for Surreywood’s swim season to start!

Cecilia Soukup will be joining the coaching staff again this year as junior assistant coach.  In addition to coaching, Cecilia has been swimming with the Surreywood Stingrays since she could swim!  She brings energy and enthusiasm to the team and truly enjoys working with the swimmers to help them be the best they can be.