Miscellaneous Pass Policies

Guest passes– Guest passes are available at the gate for purchase all season. Only a member may purchase a guest pass. A daily guest pass may be purchased at the gate for $6 or a 10 visit guest pass card may be purchased for $50. Guest passes must be purchased by the adult member. No locally residing guest may come more than 5 times during the season and must be accompanied by a member at all times. The 10 visit guest pass will be honored for the current season purchased and for one season after.

Please note that any guest(s) must be accompanied by the Surreywood Swim and Tennis club member who is in possession of the guest pass. Any non-adult member bringing a guest must have written permission from the parent before using a guest pass. As in the past, children under 10 years of age are not allowed in the pool area without adult supervision.

Baby Sitter Pass– A Surreywood Swim club member who employs an individual as a sitter may purchase a season pass for this sitter. This pass will allow the sitter to bring the child/children to the pool and enjoy the facilities every day of the week. This pass may be purchased for $75 and is only available for purchase by the adult Member or Associate Member. The pass can only be used when the holder is working in the capacity of employee for the member.

Child Care Pass– A Surreywood Member or Associate Member taking care of a child or children may purchase a season pass for each child. This pass will allow the adult member to bring the child/children to enjoy the facilities every day of the week. The child/children must be under the direct supervision of the adult member at all times. This pass may be purchased for $75 and is only available for purchase by the adult Member of Associate Member.

Sponsored Swim Team Individual– This is a special guest pass that gives a Member or Associate Member the ability to sponsor a child age 10-17, who resides outside of the Surreywood Subdivision, to have swimming pool privileges and full use of all other recreational facilities. In order for the individual to qualify for this membership, he or she must join the swim team. This membership is tied to an already existing Member or Associate Member and does not have the right to bring guests