Bring for child: Goggles, cap, water, swim suit, two towels, hoodie/jacket, games/books, dry clothes, sharpie, light food (fruit, pasta, string cheese, granola bars), cash for concessions/baked goods if desired, water, and blanket to sit on.

Bring for adults: jackets, camp chairs, highlighter (for heat sheets), Sharpie marker, and camera.

At the Meet:

  • Get there early to get a good spot for your seats
  • If you have a mini-mite or mite, check in with the “Mini-Mite” or “Mite” parent
  • Find where the heat sheet is posted and write down your child’s events on their hand
  • Stop by “Volunteers Table” if you are volunteering
  • Have your child ready for warm-ups
  • Your child may not be in a relay due to uneven numbers of kids
  • DO NOT leave a meet before it is over unless you have first cleared it with the coaches, even if the heat sheet says your child is not in a relay.  The relays are often switched, and your child may be swimming.
  • DO NOT leave a meet because of a rain delay without telling a coach, unless the meet is completely postponed to the next day.
  • Disqualifications (DQ’s) are common for new swimmers.  It happens at all levels, don’t let one discourage your swimmer.
  • Take lots of pictures and videos!
  • Cheer for the swimmers and have fun!

Lastly: ALWAYS let the coaches know when your child will miss a meet.  If a last minute conflict comes up, please call one of the coaches to let them know.