Did you know it takes 47 volunteers from OUR team to run a home swim meet?!  Swim meets are a ton of fun but require that parents volunteer nearly every meet for things to run smoothly.  During registration, you’ll be signing up for your 6 volunteer shifts (each lasting half a meet).  Most positions don’t take any training, so don’t be intimidated, even if this is your first year! And if you can’t work your shift at a meet for some reason, you can always ask a grandparent, family member or older teen to fill in for you. This year, you can sign up at Swim Manager for your volunteer shifts.

Below is a brief description of some of the volunteer positions that need to be filled at each home meet.  At away meets, we supply volunteers for Mini Mite and Mite Parents, Strokes & Turns, Timers and Ribbons.

Mini Mite Parent: Helps get the 6 & under swimmers checked in and escorted to the blocks.

Mite Parent: Helps get the 7 & 8 swimmers checked in and escorted to the blocks.

Timer: Three timers per lane time each event and report results to Head Timer.

Results: Posts heat results as they become available.

Runner: Collects timer sheets and takes them to the computer person under the tent.

Ribbons: Place stickers on ribbons after results are known.

Bake Sale: Sell baked goods donated by team members as fundraising for the team.

Concessions: Assist with serving and selling food items.


The positions listed below require training.  Attending a training will earn you 1 volunteer credit!  Email swstingrays@yahoo.com for more information on dates and times or with any questions about volunteering.

Meet Manager/Dolphin software: Trained position.  Record results for each event.  Gets a front row seat under a canopy during the meet!

Strokes & Turn Judge: Trained position. Judges the strokes and turns of the swimmers.

Starter:  Trained position.

Head Timer: Trained Position.